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Past Chiefs 
1886 - 1978

Wabamun 133A 

From The Chiefs and Councillors Historical Timeline
Pauls Band: A History of its Land. by Donna Gordon (TARR) May 1981

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Education

i) Selected under tribal custom

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Visit Us

Peter Ironhead

c.1886-1887 (No.1 - Paul Band Membership)

- Ironhead is always paid as a Headman [councillor], even though DIA [Department of Indian
Affairs] obviously considered him to be the leader of his band. He is paid as a Headman
[councillor] in the Alexis Band from 1879 to 1885 and then in “Ironheads Band” from 1886 until
his death in 1887.

Paul (Petwayisin) Firebag

1898-1901 (No.2 - Paul Band Membership)

- Paid as a Headman from 1887 until he is appointed Chief in 1898. Described in early reports as “industrious, sober and moral.”
- Deposed 12 September, 1901 for unauthorized killing of cattle.

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

1901-1906 No Chief
- In summer of 1903 Paul’s Band elected Didymus Burnstick as Chief, but his appointment was
not authorized by DIA [Department of Indian Affairs].

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Headliner

David Simon Yellowhead (Bird)

1906-1911 (No.28 - Paul Band Membership)

- Appointed 10 May, 1906. Inspector Markle and Indian Agent “testify to his sobriety and honesty” and feel he will have a good influence on the band.
- Died 2 January, 1911.

Joseph Michel

1911-1915 (No.19 - Paul Band Membership)

- Elected by Band in April 1911. Appointment confirmed 4 May 1911. Complaints in 1912 that Michel is interfering with the work of the farming instructor and encouraging the other band
members not to work.
- Deposed 20 January 1915

Paul (Petwayisin) Firebag

1915-1920 (No.2 - Paul Band Membership)

- Died March 1920

John House

1920-1922 (No.65 - Paul Band Membership)

- Indian Agent says he is “a good worker and a very steady fellow”. Appointed by DIA [Department of Indian Affairs] 17 July, 1920.
- Resigns 26 October,1922.

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

1922-1929 No Chief
- After the resignation of House, the band nominated several people to fill the position but the Agent refused to recommend any of them. He told the band that “at the expiration of a year, I will recommend the appointment of those two [one for councillor] who, through their energy and ability have proven themselves ... of the appointment. In 1926 Paul’s Band complained through an Edmonton law firm that their repeated efforts to elect a chief during the past three years have been blocked by the Indian Agent, and they requested an explanation. J.D. McLean, Secretary DIA [Department of Indian Affairs], replied that the Indians of Alberta were not under the elective system, Chiefs and Councillors were appointed on the recommendation of the Indian Commissioner or Agent. The Indian Commissioner had reported in several instances against appointments, and stated that generally the bands of the Prairie provinces were better off without Chiefs and that affairs were better conducted by the Agent alone. In the case of Paul’s, the Agent had not been able to recommend anyone for the vacant position so far, and he informed the department that he would not do so until he found a man qualified for the position.

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Headliner

David Peter

1929-1930 (No.56 - Paul Band Membership)

- Appointed 14 March, 1929.
- Deposed 24 October, 1930.

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

1930-1934 No Chief
- Apparently the Stoney and Cree factions of the Band could not agree on any one person for
Chief. It was the Agents opinion that a chief would be useless unless the band could work
together and since this seemed impossible at Paul’s he was against the appointment of a

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Headliner

Peter Burnstick

1934-1935 (No.124 - Paul Band Membership)

- Appointed 26 February 1934. In September of 1933 the band still could not agree on a choice for Chief and asked the Agent to appoint someone. Agent Laight appointed Peter Burnstick
for a 6-month probationary period, on the understanding that at the end of this period if their services were satisfactory an election would be held to see if the band approved the
- Resigned 28 May 1935

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

1935-1938 No Chief

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Headliner

Enoch (Yellowhead) Bird

1938-1946 (No.71 - Paul Band Membership)

- Elected 30 August 1938 He had earlier been chosen as Chief at a band meeting and was acclaimed at the election called to make the selection official.
- Resigned 9 July 1946

Alex House

1946-1948 (No.101 - Paul Band Membership)

- Appointed 24 July 1946
- Resigned April 1948

Joseph House

1948-1952 (No.84 - Paul Band Membership)

- Appointed 27 April 1948
- Term Ends in October 1952

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

ii) Chiefs elected under Section 73 of the Indian Act, 1952 onwards.

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Visit Us

David Bird

October 1952 - September 1955

- Resigned his position

Joe House

October 1955 - October 1956

- Elected in By-election

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team

John Paul

October 1956 - October 1958

Jacob Rain

October 1958 - October 1960

Samuel Bird

October 1960 - October 1966

Willie Rain

October 1966 - October 1968

Samuel Bird

October 1968 - October 1978

Miles House

October 1978 -

Past Chiefs 1886-1978: Meet the Team
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