Principles and Values in the Stoney Nakoda-iithga Dialect

➤ Tuthagè wahûgîcicèbi - The Four Great Relationships

    1. Wakâ wacegèbi (Worship to the Creator)

    2. Ddagucawa wahogicicèbi (Respectful address to kinship)

    3. Mitaowadebi gicihnubaarami (Respectful relations with my community)

    4. Micihnubaara wanidd (I live by being respectful to myself) 

➤  Iyake daguuîgicièbidd - We are all related and connected 

➤ Cane (cade) shnishnizhen yuhabi nimi - Living with a clear/soft heart

➤ Ahogicipabi - Living by taking care of one another

➤ Aicigddaab - The act of trying ones hardest/best 

➤ Otan waniddashgano - I try to live right

➤ Wizhaicinabi - Knowing one is right in his/her thoughts

➤ Wayuthbebi - The act of knowing through learning

➤ Yuthbemakè - Teach me

➤ Yuthbe - To know

➤ Nuthbenathddeni - Do you want to know?

➤ Coyaani (Thoyaani) - Do you know?

➤ Wacoye (Wathnoye) - Knowledgable

➤ Wacoyabi (Wathnoyabi) - The act of amassing knowledge

➤ Wahnushddami - The act of completing something (Being finished as complete and true)


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